Customer Requirements Study

We can support our Customers to study complex supplying or special conditions sales, in some special case we make the supply directly paying commissions to our customer who generate the sale,

Preliminary offer

In our ordinary process we make preliminary offers with attached documents and clear prices and specifications.

Bid participation

We operate together with our customers in attend public Bid for government, military or hospital supplying, following the whole process from the beginning to the final delivery and payments.

Customers products development

In the case where MRQ  ( Minimum Required Quantity ) is consistent and the required product is different from our normal production, we evaluate with our Group Managers the feasibility, define a target price and a production times and decide with customer to proceed on production planning and orders.

Medical logistic

We can create special inventory stocks for customers with special needs and continuous consumption, arranging also periodic inspections from end-user to verify deposit consistence and products matching.

Agent network definition

On behalf of our Customers we can help to create extend agent networks to enter with our products in different fields.

Financial solutions

Approved customers can access to Financial Solutions where our Finance Dept can study ad hoc solutions.

Oem brand creation

In the case where MRQ  ( Minimum Required Quantity ) is consistent and the final product need a customer Brand or a customized solution, we can support our customers with design, translations, creation of packaging and so on

Contract solutions

Contract Solutions are referred to long term or special agreements under customers specific requirements, this is very  normal procedure  when deal with Hospitals, RSA, military and similar.

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