Innovamedis Global operates in Italy and Europe, while our parents companies, all part of the same Group, are present with the same policies, same products and same strategies in US, India and Asia.

Our production capabilities, our logistic inventories and our delivery capabilities, even during the Covid-19 Pandemic, talk for us.

Every month we ship out tons of medical devices, medical protection and similar devices and we continue to grow, our medium stock inventory is over 50 high cube containers only in Europe, ready to delivery. Very few companies in this sector have the same capacity!!

Our R&D Team in China is constantly informed by us and by our partner to improve products, innovate, obtain new required certifications and get new target. We have a daily based, constant and constructive  feedback with our R&D and our Management Team.

Innovamedis Global apply the SSD approach to the European Market : Smart, Strategic and Dynamic.

A Global Network

Innovamedis Global Srl is located in Milan (Italy), our Parent Companies are based in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, New York, New Delhi, Montreal and Sidney with expert teams ready to procure products and services to our customers.